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I recently obtained my degree in Computer Science in a joint programme between Technical University of Denmark and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

As a young and ambitious student developer, I am very versatile in my work and skills. Through both school projects and former working experience, I have developed competencies to approach a lot of different problems in ways that fit the specific scenarios. Everything from urgent updates on web crawlers and in-depth problem analysis and design through my recent research. My experience includes back-end development such as Java and Python, and front-end development centered around Web technologies. This spans all from Android apps and websites to implementing Machine Learning models and Artificial Intelligence systems.

Looking forward, I aim to do work that will affect the users positively. I very much enjoy being in contact with the end users of my solution. This creates a better understanding for both parties of the exact needs and what ways to accommodate these the best. More concrete, I am working with user interfaces in React JS through my research, and am continuing to explore what Stack of technologies will be best in pursuing ways to influence people's lives.

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